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Colors for Mute & Solo buttons that make sense.

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asked Apr 23, 2020 in Look and Feel by yusefrashad (660 points)
The color red is universally used to indicate when something is "armed" or "hot" (recording). That is a logical choice. Seems illogical that the color yellow is used to indicate when a track is "engaged" (solo), and red when it is "dormant" (mute). Perhaps it should be green and dark-slate respectively? Either way, yellow is not the optimum color to contrast with white text.

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answered Mar 13, 2021 by roysonboleh (1,280 points)
That was one issue that bothered me so much in Cubase, it was one of the reasons I didn't go forward with it.

But in S1, It seems logical to me. Red is universally known as "Stop" or danger. In this case the audio in this track is "stopped".

Green for solo is not a bad idea. I see where you are coming from but yellow is a color universally used to highlight text to get one's attention. In this case, to me, it highlights the tracks that are being played.