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studiolive rml16ai main out controlpanel

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asked Nov 18 in StudioLive Series III by peterpoulsen1 (260 points)

I have stell not sound  from mainout and Headphone, I use another audio interface to sound out It´s work, but not with studioLiveRML16 AI own main out and headphone, i have installed the rigth universal controller, it must be interface fail?

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answered Nov 19 by wahlerstudios (89,620 points)
selected Nov 19 by jonnydoyle
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L/R on channel 1+2 is the standard setting when a computer does not use/find the "driver" of mixer. You should check the audio settings of your Mac and also check if the Firewire connection really works. It should, but you need to use the right adaptors and not the lastest computers and OS.