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How can I use the headphone jack on my StudioLive 16R as the main out of logic?

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asked Jan 18, 2020 in StudioLive Series III by tobiasdick (160 points)
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I have a StudioLive 16R and want to record into Logic Pro X. I want to monitor myself playing the drums through the headphone jack of the 16R. But when I connect my headphones I only hear the audio coming from the mixer and not from Logic. How can I solve this problem?

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answered Jan 18, 2020 by wahlerstudios (104,480 points)
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I would recommend to have a look at the "Using_Your_StudioLive_Mixer_as_an_Audio_Interface_with_Universal_Control_V2_EN_25032019" manual, which you can find on the download page of your mixer. The basic things are descibed in section 3.3 "Apple Logic Pro/Express 7+".

Sections 4.1.3 "Digital Returns" and 4.1.4 "Main Digital Return" might also be of interest. By default, tracks are routed 1:1 to the channels. The Main L/R output of a DAW is supposed to be routed to USB streams 16+17 (37+38 for the 32-channel mixers), which is "Tape In" (Digital Return) in the mixer and UC Surface. Input source of Tape In needs to be set USB. This sends the Logic mix to the Main bus of the mixer and you can listen to the signal via headphones.

Be aware of possible feedback, when you route signals. Listening to the DAW signal will show some latency, even if there is no processing going on.