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Assign drum channel to Midi channel 10 when saving midi files.

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asked Nov 19, 2019 in Studio One 3 by xvi_iv_mcmlxxii (180 points)
I am trying to save a midi file with the drums assigned to (GM) channel 10 for use on a Yamaha keyboard.
Seems all I can do is "map" the midi track to an "instrument" not a midi channel..
I want to assign it to a midi channel, the standard channel 10 mapping.

It just saves the drum notes as midi notes and plays random piano midi notes.. I want to force it to channel 10 to play GM drums

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answered Dec 23, 2019 by melroyroddie (160 points)
Hi . . .

I cant answer - - - because I have the same problem

How to assign a midi drum file to channel 10 . . so that it will play correctly as drums, not piano notes on  treble/bass clefs !!!

Drum midi is usually assigned to channel 10 and will play fine in notion.

But for some reason sometimes it isn't . . . so how do we check this and re-assign. ?

I hope somebody else reads this and can answer . . . (maybe someone at presonus???)  . .    Cheers, Mel.