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I have two StudioLive32, can I use in AVB, one for stage monitoring and one for PA? and how is it done?

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asked Nov 20, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by eduardocontreras2 (250 points)
I want to use one of the studiolive32 for stage monitoring and route the other studiolive32 for PA, I don't want to duplicate the channels, I want to use 32 channels with a single console. How can it be done?

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answered Nov 21, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,040 points)
selected Nov 25, 2019 by jonnydoyle
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In an AVB network (a direct connection between two Series III mixers already is an AVB network), any mixer can use one of the "Stagebox Modes". One mixer has to be the FOH mixer and the clock of the network, while the other can be used in Monitor Mix Mode (no own Main mix) or Stand Alone Mix (Main mix and flex mixes completely independent from FOH). The network part in this configuration basically is that both mixer share their inputs and serve each other as stagebox. But with the 32 channel mixers this is limited to 32 input channels and 16 flex mixes.

When the mixer on stage is used in Stand Alone Mode, it will not pass Main L/R of the FOH console. You need to two XLR connections from FOH to stage (to the PA). There is no chance to route/patch L/R signals within the network.

commented Nov 25, 2019 by jonnydoyle (300,280 points)
You can patch the main left and right from one console to another that is in stand alone mode.

Set you Mains AVB send and then on the other console patch in them AVB channels. Its a little work on patching but its doable.
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answered Nov 25, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,040 points)
To comment the comment... ;-)

It is indeed possible to route Main L/R of the FOH console to a console or rack mixer on stage used in Stand Alone Mode. AVB network streams 34 to 40 are the 8 streams reserved for the communicationn between mixers:

AVB 33+34 AUX IN 1
AVB 35+36 AUX IN 2
AVB 39+40 MAIN L/R

All you need to do is to select AVB 39 "L" and AVB 40 "R" as AVB input stream for Digital Return and "Network" as input source on the Stand Alone mixer. Now Main FOH L/R is available as "Digital Return" and can be sent to any destination. This can be Main L/R of the Stand Alone mixer, or a linked stereo aux (15+16), which then would feed the PA.

This would mean to sacrifice two flex mixes on the Stand Alone mixer, but it saves an anolog snake or two XLR cables from FOH to stage.

Why not.