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Soundsets transfer failed

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asked Nov 30 in Studio One 4 by ahmedinam1 (160 points)

I have just purchased Studio one Pro and registered myself online. It installed perfectly but it failed to download the additional contents. It says 'transfer failed'. I did a search and found that I can manually install the content as well. Downloaded few full sets but when double clicked, it said 'Failed to install. Access denied'. I tried dragging the file on Studio one start up page, but same error occurred again. Other information about installation is I have changed the paths to my other hard drive for content due to space restriction. My computer is i5, 8th generation, 16gb. While searching on the internet I found that most people have solved this error by dragging or installing from inside the Studio one. Will appreciate your kind help, and if possible as early as possible so that I could enjoy using it to it's fullest.



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answered Nov 30 by ahmedinam1 (160 points)
Figured it out. Had to run S1 as administer. Everything installed correctly after this.