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How do I get the 30day free Obedia training if I bought AudioBox itwo in September?

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asked Dec 3, 2019 in MyPreSonus Questions by davisstovall (160 points)
There is a promotion for 30day free obedia training. It says I will be able to get a coupon code through my account but I cannot find the code.

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answered Dec 4, 2019 by OBEDIA (450 points)
selected Mar 14 by AlexTinsley
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Hey there, thanks for asking! This code will be available in your My PreSonus user account section, under "add ons", under "my products":

If you have issues or questions, please contact us at 615-933-6775, dial 1. 

Thank you!

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answered Mar 9 by aka_busker (13,760 points)

Hi there, 

I have a recommendation for you.  Check out the Youtube channel Joe Gilder Home Studio Corner for concise and clear instructions on working with Studio One.  Cheaper than an Obedia subscription.

I would also recommend Produce Like a Pro

Also, another channel I have learned from is The Recording Revolution, by Graham Cochrane.

Joe's stuff is Studio One specific where as Warren and Graham both use Pro-tools.