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How do you remove distortion when using 'L' and 'R' outputs as individual monitor sends to headphones?

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asked Dec 3, 2019 in AudioBox USB by ianbrighton (120 points)
Hi- I have an AUDIOBOX USB and am trying to utilize the "L" and "R" outputs as individual monitor sends to separate headphones.  I have a TS to TRS converter in the channel and am using Send channels in my DAW(Ableton Live 10) to control levels.  When I plug my headphones into the mono L or R channel I get some distortion even though the level is not clipping in any of the tracks or the master track.  I get no distortion when I'm using the headphone jack, or when I'm using a mono patch chord from each channel into a mixer.   Is there something wrong with my audiobox, or is it not feasible to use the "L" and "R" channel as monitor outputs?  If not, is there a different product you would recommend for live applications?  Thanks for your help!

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