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What is the default AVB Sends for Main Output L/R for Studio Live 32 Series III

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asked Aug 9 in StudioLive Series III by sbmc (120 points)
We use StudioLive Series III as our FOH Mixer and StudioLive 32R as our Stagebox. We recently bought 5 Earmix devices and trying to routes AVB sends starting channel  33 and when we got to 40 our FOH Speaker stop working.

My Question to you is:

1. What is the default AVB send channel for the Main Speaker L/R?

2. Is it possible to route the Main L/R speaker to AVB 55 and 56.

3. If I made the Audio Routing changes in our Mac mini via UC software, Is the setting going to be Save and Retain after shutting down the computer.

4. We bought another StudioLive 32R after the first one stop working(it is fixed now) and I want to use the second StudioLive 32 for our Live Broadcast. The issue I have is if I power on the Stagebox last, the FOH Mixer, StudioLive 32 III is picking up from the second StudioLive 32R which is use for Live Broadcasting. Is there away to rename the device name? For example: StudioLive 32R to "StageBox"

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