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Show Plugin GUI in Studio One Remote for touch control

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asked Dec 7, 2019 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by tshadgett (4,520 points)
recategorized Jun 9 by tshadgett

Just as per the description. Rather than banks of sliders and buttons for VSTs, it would be wonderful to display the actual plugin GUI on Studio One Remote (Not as simple as it sounds I am sure)...

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answered Dec 28, 2019 by tshadgett (4,520 points)
Even if this was only available for the native presonus plugins like the Fat Channel XT.
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answered Jun 9 by tshadgett (4,520 points)

I know this is an old request and sorry for the bump - but - I'm sure there are some users out there that would find this useful, so wanted to draw attention back to it. 

Bringing a touch GUI to all plugins and keeping full S1 session control, would be worth upgrading my iPad for!

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answered Jun 10 by Daw Stew (12,150 points)
this would be hugely useful as the UCRemote mapping is very limiting