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I Need Drivers & Manual

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asked Dec 10, 2019 in MyPreSonus Questions by joewilk (230 points)

I have a new presonus studio 18/24. It came with three sheets of paper, but no manual or disc for drivers for windows. I have it set up on Linux just fine, but need support fr  windows.

I tried creating a support ticket, but your website does not give me the opportunity to commit said ticket - only 'save' or 'cancel'.

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answered Dec 10, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,000 points)
selected Dec 10, 2019 by joewilk
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answered Dec 10, 2019 by joewilk (230 points)

Thank you wahlerstudios.

The product page in my my.presonus account has dead links to the product, when is of course where I found the download for the manual. What is not clear to me is whether the Universal Control executable is ALL I need for successful integration on windows, or whether I need a driver as well. The manual says UC supplies ASIO driver, but is that in addition?

Just to say, this website is really poorly implemented. I can't figure out how to reply "to you", and (see screenshot attached) when when logged in I can't 'answer'. I have to click "log in" and let the page refresh. Nor was I able to create an account .... apparently there are some characters that cannot be used in a password, but no mention of that when trying to set up the account.


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answered Dec 10, 2019 by joewilk (230 points)

And of course the image didn't upload. Will it this time?