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Why is there only one amp and cab model in The Ampire 3 update ? I thought there were supposed to be many more.

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asked Dec 11, 2019 in Studio One 4 by lordtitus (170 points)
I use Studio one 4.6 Artist.

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answered Dec 11, 2019 by (240 points)
I have the same issue with the Artist Version
I assume the full version of Ampire 3 is not included with Artist update
There are no presets available either.
Maybe we will have to purchase separately as an add on unfortunately.
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answered Dec 12, 2019 by wahlerstudios (105,310 points)
"Ampire is included in the Studio One 4 Professional version 4.6 update and is available as an add-on for Studio One Artist and Prime users for $59.95."
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answered Dec 12, 2019 by robertwickerjr (1,070 points)
I had the same issue after the update. I was about to revert back to 4.5 Artist but, I tried one more thing. I went to Studio One Installation in the menu bar and re-installed Ampire XT Classics. That brought back all of the amps I had previously and took away the On/Off icon. One more thing, the levels of the amps are different so, I had to remix every instrument that I had using Ampire. I hope this helps.
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answered Dec 13, 2019 by tonyrapa (1,060 points)

As robertwickerjr  says: go to your account and download ApireXT Classic. It will add the old stuff back in as well as give you the old presets. If you want all of the new shiny stuff, then you need to buy that as an add on. To be fair, it's pretty f***ing good, so it's definitely worth the $60.

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answered Dec 17, 2019 by (240 points)
Many thanks
Followed your advise. And Ampire xt and presets all back in use.
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answered Apr 4, 2020 by alcraig (310 points)
I went to Studio One Installation as suggested.  I found the AmpireXT Classic listing, but there is no command to "download now".  Any suggestions?

I also went to my account on  the Presonus website, but I cannot find any individual listing of the AmpireXt Classic to down load.

Any suggestions?

BTW, the "new" Ampire is too tall for my screen.  Should I change the resolution to make it fit?  Why can't the make these windows sizeable?
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answered May 27, 2020 by timcarkin (380 points)

Many Thanks to robertwickerjr!! Your post was the fix! 

To give a little more detail, once in Studio One, click on the Studio one Menu item at the top (in-between View and Help)

  • Click on Studio One Installation
  • Find the folder "Legacy and Compatibility" and open it up by click the arrow next to it
  • You should see "Ampire XT Classics" (about 2.00MB)
  • Check the box next to Ampire XT Classics
  • Click the green Install box
  • It will install and then prompt you to restart your computer
  • Once your computer comes back up, start Studio One and open Ampire, you should be able to click on the Amps section and see all of your old Amps in addition to the new ones.
  • Thanks again to robertwickerjr for posting this fix!! saved me a lot of heartburn!