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What happened to Ampire in Studio One Artist, the 4.6 upgrade screwed it up. Can I uninstall the update

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asked Dec 13, 2019 in Studio One 4 by jimsharier (120 points)
I will uninstall this software and reinstall it without upgrading to 4.6.

How could you take something that works in one, strip it down and now say we have to purchase what we had in the previous one.

No wonder most people head back to Reaper,  at least they have a flat rates for their software.

I have a friend who brags about your software, but he was surprised at what I told him.

I should return the interface  and monitors to amazon and get my refund and buy a cheaper more reliable interface.

Thanks for nothing

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answered Dec 13, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,410 points)
You get Studio One Artist for free, when you buy a PreSonus hardware product. Updates are also free (within one version), but 4.6 has indeed seen a major change. The completely new developed Ampire has become a "state space" plug-in, which can be used in any DAW, not only in Studio One. The Fat Channel plug-ins are also available in VST3/AU/AAX formats now. We might not really like the decisions of PreSonus, but who are we to critize them? Artist has the Ampire plug-in with one amplifier model, so if you want all the "rest", why not buy the set? Here is some additional information:

"Ampire is available in VST3, AU, and AAX formats for a U.S. price of $59.95 from the PreSonus Shop. Studio One Prime and Artist users can upgrade their Ampire experience with this Add-on. Studio One 4 Professional users will receive a complimentary license for Ampire in VST3/AU/AAX formats."

This is the link to the Ampire add-on for Studio One Artist:
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answered Dec 14, 2019 by robertgray3 (38,700 points)

You can have parallel installations. Just go to the My Presonus website and you can download any previous version of the software, like 4.5.5, and install it, and run both.

Also, the free Ampire Classics XT Extension probably has what you need. Not entirely sure why they made it so you have to install it separately but whatever.

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answered Jan 2, 2020 by jebbyslonar (280 points)
edited Jan 3, 2020 by jebbyslonar
Ok despite my original response being pretty vitriolic, it looks as though it's actually about the same. Still no thanks for the Helen Keller rearrangement gag.  This is not amusing to me.  Also like to note that I researched this yesterday and there is no roll back to versin or whatever to get the Ampire back to normal.  I was first of all not amuzed that there is the general difficult use in the new GUI.  However I found that you could download the AmpireXTClassics.install file and just execute it while S1 is running and it goes in with the classic presets.

One thing I liked about Studio One since day 1 with it was ease of use.  I think the new Ampire design reminds me of GK Amplification's design which I don't find very usable, and some other Amp designs I don't find easy to use such as Native Instruments Guitar Rig which is not at all easy to use the free version of.  Also have tested the free version of AmpLion and though it may be the best of those 3 I am mentioning, it is not something I ever used again.  Just as I never used those other 2.

I use the Studio 1 amp sometimes.  I don't often use these large and complicated amps with cabs and stomps at all.  The Studio one amp was ok in a pinch though, and easy to access with plenty of presets.  Not thrilled with the new Amp especially the removal of any presets that can be seen or used without the special install or the AmpireXTClassics.install download that I mentioned.

In my testing yesterday I went all the back to V4.1 with my installers and didn't find any installer that could get the normal version I'm used to of Ampire back.  So I was forced to reinstall the V 4.6.  I left wondering whether the Ampire has been gone for all new S1 v4 users all of 2019, or if it has just been removed in the V 4.6.

Also leaves me not willing to let Studio one thru my firewall anymore, and reluctant to ever upgrade again.  Pretty bad experience, huge waste of my time.  Like a video game that wants my attention and is too complex.  Really didn't need this yesterday.  Not recommended to install the V 4.6.