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ASIO 3.0

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asked Dec 15, 2019 in General Feature / Product Requests by markeysemundy (840 points)
I would like to see ASIO expanded. It would be nice to get Windows ASIO standard to that about or above Apple's CoreAudio. ASIO works great for the most part, but it would be better to expand what it will do. I've suggested it for Microsoft (

It would be better to have ASIO to make for a more compatible ecosystem for components and programs. Be able to be multi-client (run multiple DAW's at once), which is big on Apple if you wanted to do this.

It would also be best to release an app for it, and be able to have better control over hardware, especially with MIDI. Configure MIDI and the converters, the the DAW sees it, and automatically configure it in the background, without the operator having to provide further configurations. Everything will just sync up. Also better configurations for MC/HUI where more DAWs can be integrated with control surfaces.

And it would be nice for UC Apps to be controlled with a physical fader, as well as expanded feature set because of it.

These may be just a couple of ideas, but I believe that since Windows more and more everyday is becoming the platform of choice for music creation, a new ASIO standard needs to emerge.

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answered Mar 5 by AlexTinsley (825,530 points)
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