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My Audiobox USB works fine until I restart my computer. On restart the mic and audio is distorted, loud, and staticy

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asked Jan 18, 2020 in AudioBox USB by elinellis1 (120 points)
As the title says, this started happening just a few days ago. I've tried reinstalling drivers, older drivers, different, usb B cords, different 1/4" jacks, different computers, etc. This happens on startup and fixes it self when I unplug and replug in the device usually. But if the audiobox is plugged in when my PC starts up, it gets horrendous.

My computer isn't lacking in specs. I have plenty of hard drive room, 16GB of memory, an i5 4690k, and a rx 590

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answered Jan 18, 2020 by johnellard (3,150 points)
What are you listening to the audio through? Speakers, headphones? Have you tried different headphones and/or speakers to rule that out? What audio software are you using? Studio One 4 or something else? if Studio One, I'd create a new song and test it in a new track.

I would set all the controls completely counter clockwise, except the Mixer control--I'd have that straight up at 12 Noon. And make sure you didn't inadvertently turn on Phantom power. Even if your mic is a condenser that requires phantom power, I'd have it off until after the box is connected to its power source.

I'd also make a careful examination of all the sound levels and audio settings in Windows 10. Your problem sounds like a software issue that you just haven't discovered yet. If the hardware was failing, I wouldn't expect it to consistently correct itself, but rather get worse over time.

Those are the things I would check out, if I were having your problem.
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answered Feb 6, 2021 by jonasflath (140 points)
edited Feb 6, 2021 by jonasflath

Same Problem here, tried so much: Different Drivers, different USB energy options, changed all sound settings in windows and so on. Dont know what to do now. Its annoying to always unplug and plug the device.

Any solutions by now?

I also tried this:
But it didnt work.

I deinstalled all Software from PreSonus and all Drivers.
Now it works fine :D
Windows is still asking for a current driver, but it does work without very well and the problem is gone :D