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My Audiobox USB works fine until I restart my computer. On restart the mic and audio is distorted, loud, and staticy

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asked Jan 18 in AudioBox USB by elinellis1 (120 points)
As the title says, this started happening just a few days ago. I've tried reinstalling drivers, older drivers, different, usb B cords, different 1/4" jacks, different computers, etc. This happens on startup and fixes it self when I unplug and replug in the device usually. But if the audiobox is plugged in when my PC starts up, it gets horrendous.

My computer isn't lacking in specs. I have plenty of hard drive room, 16GB of memory, an i5 4690k, and a rx 590

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answered Jan 18 by johnellard (3,010 points)
What are you listening to the audio through? Speakers, headphones? Have you tried different headphones and/or speakers to rule that out? What audio software are you using? Studio One 4 or something else? if Studio One, I'd create a new song and test it in a new track.

I would set all the controls completely counter clockwise, except the Mixer control--I'd have that straight up at 12 Noon. And make sure you didn't inadvertently turn on Phantom power. Even if your mic is a condenser that requires phantom power, I'd have it off until after the box is connected to its power source.

I'd also make a careful examination of all the sound levels and audio settings in Windows 10. Your problem sounds like a software issue that you just haven't discovered yet. If the hardware was failing, I wouldn't expect it to consistently correct itself, but rather get worse over time.

Those are the things I would check out, if I were having your problem.