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Studio 192 main volume not controlling Temblor t8 subwoofer volume

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asked Dec 16, 2019 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by pepple69 (250 points)
I recently used my Studio 192 on location to record a gig, so I disconnected it from my Eris monitors and Temblor t8 sub. Now that I've reconnected everything back here in the studio, the main volume on the 192 isn't controlling the output volume on the sub. I'm getting sound from the sub, but I can only control the volume from the volume knob on the back of the sub. Even if I have the main volume all the way down on the 192, I'm still getting sound from the sub. The sub is connected to direct out 3, and within the UC software, I have speaker management switched to A-B+C, with C being the sub. Even when I deselect C in speaker management, I'm still getting sound to the sub.

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answered Dec 21, 2019 by pepple69 (250 points)
selected Mar 30 by pepple69
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Be sure to select A-B+C in speaker selection setup with DAC selected (to make use of the discrete routing in UC) and connect the sub to line out 3. Problem solved.
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answered Mar 29 by aka_busker (10,530 points)
Hi, I know this is an old thread, i just wondered why you aren't connecting main out to the sub, have the eris connected to the sub outputs?  
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answered Mar 30 by pepple69 (250 points)
aka_busker - Good question. When I'm mixing, I like being able to remove the sub from the mix in an A/B fashion. With the multiple speaker configurations in Universal Control I can do that easily with each speaker connected independently.