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Problem calibrate studio monitors Eris E5 attached to subwoofer T8

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asked Jan 12 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by guidomeier (160 points)

In your brief tutorial you describe how to calibrate studio monitors and subwoofer. I own a pair of Eris E5 and a Temblor T8. I calibrate them with a SPL meter. Eris E5 left and right each 82dB, results in a combined 85dB, T8 to 79dB. But it is impossible to calibrate studio monitors if they are attached to the Temblor T8. Why? Because even turned down the subwoofer to its lowest setting it generates a lot of noise if playing pink noise. So I can't calibrate my studio monitors to each 82dB, because the noise of the subwoofer distorts the result. So how can i calibrate my studio monitors attached to the sub? Until now I always calibrated studio monitors directly connected to the audio source (Focusrite Scarlett) at 82dB. After calibration I connected them back to the subwoofer and setup crossover frequency (sub 80Hz) an low cutoff (studio monitors 80Hz). Shouldn't the subwoofer be completly quiet when set to its lowest setting? Or isn't my calibration method that bad under this circumstances?

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