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Modified Instrument and Audio Tracks

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The Audio Tracks of S1 is pretty good. Just, we need the option to send the output to another Audio Track as well. We can send the Audio output of an Audio track to a Bus or Master Outputs. But now, we cannot send the output of an Audio track to another Audio Track (or Channel).

Now, talking about Instrument Track.

So basically, 

1. Midi will route to Instrument track. 

2. In instrument track there will be two slots. 

3. In first slot, there will be a provision for adding Note FX or basically midi FX. If we want, we can show or hide this slot. in this slot we can add one or more Midi FX units, like Scale, Arp, Chorder type of Midi FX.

4. In second slot, we can add either an instrument or a multi instrument.

5. So basically, First midi will route to the instrument track  itself. Then the instrument track can send the data to the 'FX devices-Instruments' setup or 'Instruments' setup if there is no midi fx on that instrument track. But the midi data will first go to the instrument track (Like Ableton)

Now benefit of this.

A) We will have Midi in and Midi out for each channel. In Midi in, we will be able to either chose the external midi devices (Controllers or Keyboards) or any other instrument track (Either Post Note FX or Pre Note FX if that instrument track has Note FX or Just the Instrument Track if it doesn't have any note fx). 

At this moment, we don't have that. Now, on the midi in drop-down, we can only see midi Controller. 

It will be nice if we can route other Instrument tracks' Midi event data into a instrument track.

B) In midi out, we can send the midi output to multiple sinks. Now, the midi events and the midi data on that particular instrument track will always go to  the Instrument (If there is no Note FX) or the Note FX, contained within that particular Instrument Track . Now there will be check boxes to send that midi data (Pre Note FX or Post Note FX) to other Instrument tracks or specially to a VST effect on an audio track (eg Vocal Synth, SoundToys Little Alter Boy).

Say we have a Legato Chord Progression. 

We are having a Kontakt VSTi on the instrument track playing an arpeggio style Piano, where the Arpeggiated note data is created by a Note FX. 

Now we want that legato chord progression to be used as the midi sidechain of VOCAL SYNTH 2 which is now sitting on a an Audio track. 

It will be nice, if in that instrument track (one with the Kontakt), on the MIDI OUT Dropdown, we can select the Midi output (Pre Note FX) to the VOCAL SYNTH 2.

Also, say we have a nice Virtual synthesizer (Say, Pigments) and we want to use the Arpeggiated Midi Data created by the Note FX on that Instrument track with Kontakt. 

So, on the new instrument track with a Pigments, in the MIDI IN Dropdown, we will see, all the Instrument Tracks' names. 

For all the instrument tracks that have Note FX on them, will have small triangle at the end of their respective names. If we click on that triangle, the view will be expanded and we will be able to choose, Pre or Post Note FX. 

So, what I will do on the instrument track having Pigments is, on the MIDI IN Dropdown, I will select the Instrument track with that Kontakt and select Post Note FX and thus, the Pigments will play the Arpeggio, created by the Note FX on the Instrument Track that has Kontakt.

Also, I think, the Instrument tracks needs one more thing. 

By default the audio created by the Instrument will come out of the instrument track itself and go to the master output. But if we want, we will be able to send the audio to other Bus or other Audio Track or Channel as well as Master Output.

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If you have some sort of pitch correction software like wavestune or autotune you can scan the recording for the pitches, export a midi file for it and pop that back into the session on an instrument track.