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Aggregate StudioLIVE III with Quantum

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asked Dec 23, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by aaronbedenbaugh (150 points)

Would be curious if creating an aggregate device combining a StudioLIVE 32 and a Quantum interface would yield favorable quality and latency results? Anyone tried this?

I did pose this question directly to Presonus. This was their response:

Studio One will only see one device. You can create an aggregate device on your Mac but we have no means to support such a set up. 

While I get not supporting this setup, I am surprised that they haven't tested. While I don't think I need it yet, I can see running out of MIX outs for outboard gear at some point. I know DAW mode will work no matter what, just want to be able to utilize all the StudioLIVE preamps while adding a Quantum for more outboard options.

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answered Dec 24, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,460 points)
PreSonus deals with audio interfaces on one hand and mixers on the other hand and they create "ecosystems" for the different clienteles. Crossovers are not intended and would make no sense, because the you would not know anymore what "belongs" where. If you need more than 32 input channels/preamps, buy the StudioLive 64 and some stageboxes or rack mixers and STAY within this ecosystem, which includes DAW Mode and all Studio One and plug-in processing. It's a world of its own... ;-) And also stay in the digital domain, because PreSonus does not really support external "outboard" anymore.