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Expression Maps for EastWest and other libraries (Babylon Waves Art Conductor)

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asked Dec 28, 2019 in Notion Feature Requests by harmenderuiter1 (500 points)
Hi there,

I stumbled upon BabylonWaves Art Conductor:

They create expression maps / articulation sets for, at the moment, 2 DAW's (Logic and Cubase) and numerous sound libraries like EastWest.

As creating expression maps is cumbersome, time consuming and tedious, I'd love to be able to buy an expression map from BabylonWaves.

More people interested in this so it will be interesting for Presonus to team up with BabylonWaves and they will create a custom expression map for Notion?

(For the record: I use Notion to create / write music, but use Studio One Professional as a sound source. EastWest is the main soundpack I have, next to some of Presonus soundpacks.) I don't load EastWest's VSTi in Notion, as I also have a FaderPort and do want to use S1 for all that kind of stuff. If some other issues like making Notion a ReWire Master will be fixed, this would be ideal for me. S1 as a sound source, Notion to compose music.)

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