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where can I download blues and rock drum loops for studio one 4?

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asked Jan 4 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by mattmcelhenny (100 points)
Where can I find multiple drum loops for 70s and 80s rock and blues? looking for intros, verses, choruses etc... 50 year musician, former multi-tracker. Having a hard time laying down drum parts. I think there's only one "Rock" drum loop to choose in studio one 4.5 .  boom ,cha , boom boom , cha. It's as weak as my description! please help!

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answered Jan 23 by darrenporter1 (770 points)

For WAV loops...

For fully-editable MIDI loops...

There are others, but these are very very good. Great place to start looking.

Drum software like  or Addictive Drums, EZDrummer, Superior Drummer are also available and give a LOT of flexibility with MIDI loops.

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answered Feb 23 by aka_busker (5,070 points)

The Presonus store has some drum loop packs for sale.  Acoustic Drum Loops pro.  There's a stereo version of each section and a multi-track version.