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Where can I find more drum loops (musicloops) than those that come with Studio One?

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asked Nov 9, 2015 in Studio One 2 by epietari (120 points)
I find the musicloops that come with Studio One Artist very useful. However, there are only few drum loops and none of them fits well with my genre (Rock). I have tried to find where I could get more such loops that are in Midi format and that response directly to the tempo of the song, but found none what so ever. Any idea where I could get lots of new drum loops?

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answered Nov 10, 2015 by abrand2 (32,020 points)
There are plenty of Add-ons that can be purchased and downloaded from our online Shop!  The link can be found below:

PreSonus Shop - Add-ons for Studio One 3:

Note that it does not require only our Add-ons to add more content to Studio One, any MIDI, REX, .WAV, etc. can be used in our software.  Make sure that the loops you are downloading from 3rd party vendors will work with our software before continuing to purchase them!