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Note offset macro

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asked Jan 5 in Studio One 4 by tonyrapa (840 points)
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Hi SO4 Owners!

Is there a macro for offseting notes? And If not, how would I go about creating one?

Let me clarify what I mean: if, for example, I play a chord on my midi-controller, then on the piano roll I will see the notes of the chord all lined up at the same position vertically. However, on some occasions I might want the notes to be slightly offset from each other - as if they were 'strummed'. See image below. I hope that's clear.

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answered Jan 17 by tothrec (10,770 points)
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There's a lot of musicality that goes into strumming.  How would the macro know how much distance to place between the selected notes?

Assuming that the lowest note is to be played first, the macro would leave it with zero offset, then go to the next higher note and add the provided offset.  Save that value and add the offset to it for the next note and so on.

I can see how this could be done programmically, but not sure the macro tool allows us to do noteOffset = noteOffset + providedOffset

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answered Jan 20 by tonyrapa (840 points)
I guess it was a long shot! :-)