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Please Add, <<< Sliding - Scrolling >>> at the Macro view.

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asked Oct 8, 2019 in Editing by leeromeo (180 points)

Fast Workflow working with the Macro view

Now with the new version 4.5+, users can constantly switching what works for them at the Page menu

But when adding up the Macro Toolbars to a favourite choice. The list became longer and longer.


1.   In Vertical, it blocks the events, tracks where one is working. To see what is happening while clicking. 

Needs to move to a proper place.


Great for those who have 2 windows. I mean 2 monitors.


2.   In non Vertical, most Macros listed. Macro view has to move left or right step by step to a favourite one. 

Too much moving with the Macro view. 


3.   For fast editing - simple and easy, workflow.

For example, same as like scrolling or sliding in the Timeline.

See all the Icons Macro visible until at the arrow pointed.


Please Add,  <<< Sliding - Scrolling >>>  at the Macro view.

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