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Browser Tag and Rating System

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asked Jan 8, 2020 in Look and Feel by nikolatomov (620 points)
edited Jan 8, 2020 by nikolatomov

I would love to see option to add tags and rating to audio files and presets in the browser.

Example - I have more than 2000 claps, I will be great if I can add 1-5 star rating to them.

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answered Aug 10, 2020 by robertgray3 (41,080 points)
Yup, great idea, would be very very helpful. Right now there are no favorites and only tags through Soundsets which are a little impractical for everyday use.
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answered Aug 12, 2020 by fabricemonlouis (350 points)
I swear, l don’t know why isn’t it a thing already... I need it!
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answered Aug 15, 2020 by valentinosciacca1 (6,630 points)
Love the idea! This would be really helpful!
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answered Nov 9, 2020 by Moblack (140 points)
Yes I agree this would be a great idea, in addition what would help me with having over 2000 song files, would be a star rating system on the start page for you songs witch you can filter for the search by star rating also allowing notes for each song also filter searchable.