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Clip rating (0-5, Pro Tools style)

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asked Oct 14, 2019 in Editing by garrettmyers (830 points)
After switching to Studio One, one of the few Pro Tools features I really miss is the ability to rate clips with 0-5 stars. This is especially useful when recording lots of takes, or comping from lots of takes. Surely this wouldn't be too difficult a feature to add? Or even the ability to flag a clip, like you can flag a photo in Adobe Lightroom?



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answered Oct 25, 2019 by juliusjonker1 (1,340 points)
Good point. This is really handy if you're going through some sketches you made.
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answered Dec 8, 2019 by garrettmyers (830 points)

While this feature has not been implemented to date, I made some custom macros to help my workflow for now. Each macro just renames a clip to a predefined name. So with Cmd+1 through Cmd-5, I can rename a clip *, **, ***, ****, or *****. To flag a clip, I set Cmd+P to rename the clip !P (I don't know, it looks like a flag to me. Plus the ! grabs my attention and adds a sense of urgency.). To reject a clip, I made a macro that renames the clip to /x, and then mutes it.

This sort of works for now, but it's not the greatest system. Rating or flagging a clip this way will lose the original clip name, which is confusing. And I can't both rate and flag the same clip at the same time. If this feature is properly implemented, it would also open the door for other functions like "Select all Rated 5" or "Delete rejected". I'll eagerly await this feature, but for now, I have some of my workflow back.