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How to get Studio One to work with DigiDesign 002

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asked Jan 12, 2020 in Studio One 3 by jamesrobertson7 (160 points)

I've tried multiple times to get the Digidesign to work with my Studio One 3 software. I've seen posts saying that they are compatible such as here:

For some reason Studio One will not recognize the mixer. I tried downloading an AVID mapping extension folder. Still nothing, I don't know why Studio One wont accept that the mixer is there. Please help.

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answered May 17, 2020 by madsvigeholm (300 points)
Did you ever found out? ... I can use my digi 002 as playback device, but can not get S1 to recognize I/O ... I'm trying to use my Axe Fx 2 xl through spdif.. but no luck ...