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In-Depth Metadatas Editor

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asked Jan 19 in Mastering by elliottsebag (6,720 points)

It appears like the Metadatas we can currently edit for Album & Tracks in project mode are the ID3 ID3v1 unless i'm wrong, which aren't retained within .wav format.

It would be really awesome, useful and time-saving in my opinion to be able to access a Metadatas Editor window for Advanced Metadatas editing, offering to edit :
RIFF / BWF / ID3 (v1, v2, Lyrics, Artwork)

So we have the possibility to edit those as well when it is needed and to export .wav files with metadatas.

Right now if i want to edit them, i have to import the master to wavelab for a last print just editing metadatas... i would love be able to do this directly in S1 :)

Along automations in project mode, this would bring S1 to its full potential regarding mastering and in my opinion would put it above other mastering DAWs!

Thanks a lot for your consideration and hard work,

Elliott S.

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