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Just got Studio One 3 after having Studio One 2. The sound intruments are the same for both versions ?

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asked Jan 31, 2016 in Studio One 3 by gdv67 (210 points)
I have Studio One 2 Professional wiith his Sound sets. Now I bought Studio One 3 Professional. Are the Sound sets the same for both versions ?

Thank You

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answered Jan 31, 2016 by serdarucak (140 points)
I have a similar question ;

I have upgraded from V2 to V3  , now, when I login to my account , I see several Bundled downloads on the " My Products" page , were these bundles automatically downloaded during the upgrade  OR  Do I still need to download all of them ???? Confusing ....  Also , when I  try to load some of the Instruments ( Like Synths and stuff )  I , sometimes get an Error message " Missing files " and an option to relocate them or delete them , what is this , what do I need to do and what am I doing wrong ???  To avoid further confusions ; where all these instruments and sound sets , loops etc are supposed to be downloaded by Default ??? Do I need to reload  any instruments and/ or sound sets / files from the prior version ?? any help would be much appreciated ...