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Can I install both Studio One 3 Pro and Studio One 3 Artist on the same PC?

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asked Jan 21, 2017 in Studio One 3 by johnny57 (220 points)
Need to help a friend who just purchased a Presonus Audiobox but has not experience with Studio One.

I have Studio One 3 Pro on my PC but there are many things that I have that he doesn't so it makes it hard for me to help him out.


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answered Jan 23, 2017 by philangus (10,130 points)
selected Jan 26, 2017 by lawrencefarr
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This should be possible (I inadvertently ended up with two different installations and versions of Professional at one stage which caused me a bit of confusion for a while. I kept being offered the same upgrade despite installing it, then realised my desktop shortcut was pointing to the previous version). I suggest you change the main default path for one of them. For example:

C:\Program Files\Presonus\Studio One 3 (use for pro)
C:\Program Files\Presonus\Studio One A (use for Artist)

Or: (if 32 bit on a 64 bit machine)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Presonus\Studio One 3
C:\Program Files (x86)\Presonus\Studio One A

I also suggest you change the default locations for plugins, soundsets etc.