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Why does studio one (version2.6.5) keep crashing whenever I am mixing from my ICON QCONPro using automation?

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asked Jan 31, 2016 in Studio One 2 by (160 points)

I am using Studio One 2  (2.6.5) on a PC with a

  • 3.2Ghz Athlon II x3 450 processor
  • 64 bit operating system
  • Windows 7
  • 1.8 TB hard drive of which 1.5 TB is still free
  • A second 500Gig  internal drive of which 300 is stlll free.
  • 8GB RAM

Audio interface is a Presonus Firestudio Project which is connected by Firewire.

MIdi controller interface is an Icon  QCON PRo connected by USB

Also have a piano keypboard connected by USB.

The system all worked fine initally and then a few weeks ago started intermittently to crash, i.e to freeze and the screen fails to respond to moouse, keyboard, or QCON.  This happens particularly when I am mixing using the QCON and writing automation, although at other times it has frozen during recording. If i then switch off the qcon, the DAW starts to function again, and i can then restart the QCON and it works fine ... until the next crash.

Please advise



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answered Feb 26, 2016 by DominicB (14,770 points)
There seems to be some type of incompatibility there between the ICON and Studio One. I'm not sure what that could be. If the ICON is strictly sending midi messages to Studio One, I don't see why that would cause a crash. If it's sending Mackie HUI messages, maybe there are some incompatibilities there, but nothing that has been known by Presonus.

You may want to file a support ticket.
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answered Feb 27, 2016 by (160 points)
I did indeed file a support ticket, and while I still don't know why Studio one 2.6.5 and Icon Qcon Pro developed a problem with crashing, the answer for me was to upgrade to Studio One 3. Since that upgrade the Icon interface works fine again! (Incidentally in relation to the other answer, the Icon interfaces using standard Mackie protocol, not Makie HUI as I understand it.)