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Assign a macro inside a macro

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asked Jan 27, 2020 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by rgishoude (200 points)
Here is the objective of my request : I would like to assign different macros to the same midi button. For example, when pressed for the first time, the button would start to record a track. The second time, it would stop, rewind and start to play in a loop. Third time, it would Toggle the track muting. This example is a one button looper and can be achieved otherwise as explained in a another post but I want to setup a four track looper controlled by a four button midi controller.

I think the easiest way to implement this is to be able to assign a new macro to a midi button at the end of macro.

Another way would be to have a scripting langage for the macro with if-then-else and variables but this would be far more complicated to implement.

Thank you

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