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On the issue of keySwitches triggering

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asked Feb 5 in Studio One 4 by yohannxun (160 points)

Just like my screenshot, my melody lines up with the keySwitches notes in 50 bars.KeySwitches cannot be triggered immediately.I need to get my keySwitches ahead of time to successfully trigger them.I don't know if I had a problem with my setup or if Studio one was designed that way.I hope to get your help.My English is not very good.I don't know if I've made myself clear.If there is any problem with my expression, I would like to apologize to you first.But I still hope to hear from you.

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answered Feb 7 by robertgray3 (33,800 points)

This is because studio one doesn’t have an articulation editor. That’s pretty normal, similar to other DAWs that don’t have one. If Oh I recall correctly, articulation editors will fire the keyswitch just enough before the notes so that it is registered by the virtual instrument.

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