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Tempo track does not follow Arranger Edits. Also hogging cpu in large projects.

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asked Sep 25, 2019 in Studio One 4 by saradis (810 points)
Besides working on single tracks, I also use Studio One to produce mixshows. It's one more studio use where it shines and I think nobody has noticed it. I'm getting ready to migrate everything to v4 but I'm facing two serious problems with the tempo track.

A. If you have tempo markers in an area, and then move or delete a part of it through the arranger, the tempo track stays the same and completely throws everything off. This never happened with the block-style tempo editing, every tempo change was copied, deleted, duplicated along with everything else in ther section. I understand that not many people use tempo changes in their projects, and the new automation system is much more versatile, but I think it should work like before, being grouped with everything else in the section.

B. The tempo automation is extremely cpu intensive and I can't figure out why. If you have a large project, adding a dot to the tempo automation takes a few seconds (up to a full minute on very large projects) where everything else freezes and it's really frustrating. The bigger the "song", the longer it takes to edit the tempo. And my setup is quite good, I have a mixshow project that is 8 hours long on a 32-bit version of v3.5 and everything rolls quickly, and it has like 100 tempo changes in it. Same style project, two hour duration on v4 64-bit, and it takes 10-20 seconds just to add a new dot to the tempo timeline.

I don't expect my second issue to be taken under consideration, since it's a very special usage case and I understand that. But at least the tempo/arranger tracks should follow each other.

The tempo track is the only thing that keeps me to v3.5 and I hate that everything else is SO much better on v4.

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