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Where to place start of section (eg chorus, verse) in arranger track to optimize workflow using the arranger track.

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asked Feb 24, 2020 in Studio One 4 by richardwhite14 (650 points)
If all my sections in the arranger track (eg verse, pre-chorus, chorus etc)start on beat one in the first bar of these sections, then it is very each to mark the beginning of each section, and using the arranger track, cut and paste these sections to make a new arrangements.

What is not so simple, is what to do when the vocals or an instrumental pickup line starts mid-way in the bar before the section.

Would anyone be able to offer some advice for the best way (for optimal workflow) to mark the beginning of a section when the vocals (or instrumentals) actually start a beat or so ahead of beat one in that section. I'm looking for a way to minimize my work flow later in arranger view should I want to cut and past sections.

For example, for a chorus, I have a number of options to place the start of the section:

- on beat one of the first full bar in the chorus

- on the first beat of the pickup vocal or instrumental in the bar before the chorus

- on the first beat of the bar before the chorus

Thanks in advance for your advice!


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