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S1 after 4.6 updates is broken

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asked Feb 9 in Studio One 4 by lewpshekla (2,390 points)
The dreaded 666 on my master bus meters is back. I’m getting this to at random times & random plugins I got to bypass all plugins until I find which one is causing the issue or restart and it’s working again. S1 is broken from 4.6 onwards. Windows 7 SP1 16GB i5 Skylake set up. I’m gutted and maybe need to upgrade my os. I have not installed anything new or changed my system settings only s1 latest update. Also a lot of graphical glitches and CPU spikes when zooming from timeline bar when Impact and sampleone XT is loaded. Very weird. Could my graphic issues be a OpenGL matter?

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answered Feb 9 by robertgray3 (37,610 points)
find me on the Presonus forums (same user name, robertgray3) and send me a message. I’m trying to get people’s “.song” files who are having 666 errors in 4.6+ so we can get Presonus to fix this. For something like this If there aren’t multiple data points they won’t have any idea what to fix unfortunately
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answered Feb 9 by robertgray3 (37,610 points)
But you should also contact Support at Presonus Knowledge Base, a ticket there can help them diagnose issues like that too