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closed PLEASE make Faderport 8 work with Waveform DAW

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asked Feb 9, 2020 in FaderPort 8 by jeffcurci (120 points)
closed Feb 11, 2020 by jeffcurci
Need to add Waveform (formerly Tracktion) DAW to those that Faderport will work with.  I have tried every mode available and it DOES NOT see it.  Why ?? Come on PreSonus, work with them and get it to work.  Lots of people are passing up on this great controller due to it not working within Waveform 8,9,10 and about to release v11 ( I pre-ordered and have access to the betas). I am a Pro Tools and Waveform user. I have S1 4 Artist (it was already bad enough I was forced to upgrade and pay an additional fee just  to use my Plugins). I use it occationally but I prefer use the other two and bought the Faderport to use with ALL 3.  Forcing people to use S1 by not making all features function, or in the case of Waveform NOT AT ALL isn't right.
closed with the note: Resolved - working now !