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Waveform Color for dark colored audio parts

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asked May 9 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by TommasoScarabino (290 points)

currently the audio waveforms are all displayed in black, regardless of whether the part is light or dark in color. While for the light parts there is no problem, for the parts of dark color it would be convenient to be able to display the waveform in light color, perhaps of the same gradient as the color of the part. The midi parts quietly display the data in light color, I hope it is possible to have it available for the audio parts as well. I'm bored making comparisons, but it's the thing that is currently possible in Logig, Pro Tools... Studio One is no less ;)

Thanks, hope in your consideration

1 Answer

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answered May 20 by emmacole2957 (180 points)

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