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How do I ALL the drums show up in the TRACK view for EZ DRUMMER?

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asked Feb 9 in Studio One 4 by richardkletty (120 points)
one instance of ez drummer. I can see all the individual drums in the mixer view but not in the track view. How do I get all the drums into the track view?

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answered Feb 11 by cdricblanqui (6,520 points)

Not sure about your problem but if you see the individual in the mixer view of EZ, then you have to define in this same view different outputs so you'll get different tracks.

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answered Feb 23 by aka_busker (16,290 points)
At the top of the Ezdrummer window, look for the mixer.  Select all channels, right click and select "multi out".

At the top of the window for the VST interface, you have inputs and output.  (They look like two arrows).  The right arrow is your input (atom pad, keyboard etc).  The left arrow is the outputs.  Click this and a drop down menu opens with check boxes, with the first one selected as "EZ1".  Tick all the boxes and close the menu.  You should have the same number of channels available.  They'll be labelled "Ez1,ez2, Ez3".