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Notion ipad update

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asked Feb 12 in General Feature / Product Requests by rebekkadejong (170 points)
Hi there,

Can you please undo the update for Notion on ipad? I use it a lot to put down music in writing but with the latest update came a lot of trouble and unclearity. The start up screen changed to just 'new' and 'browse' (I'm sorry I prepared a picture of it but it won't attach to this message). There used to be a clear overview of titels of songs, now there is a abundancy in same titles (some are mentioned over 5 times, why?) and I can't find a button in which I would be able to adjust the settings to the way I was used to. Can you please change back to the previous version of the app? It would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards, Rebekka de Jong.

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