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Notion ipad update

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asked Feb 12 in Notion Feature Requests by rebekkadejong (240 points)
Hi there,

Can you please undo the update for Notion on ipad? I use it a lot to put down music in writing but with the latest update came a lot of trouble and unclearity. The start up screen changed to just 'new' and 'browse' (I'm sorry I prepared a picture of it but it won't attach to this message). There used to be a clear overview of titels of songs, now there is a abundancy in same titles (some are mentioned over 5 times, why?) and I can't find a button in which I would be able to adjust the settings to the way I was used to. Can you please change back to the previous version of the app? It would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards, Rebekka de Jong.

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answered Mar 5 by TechSupport77 (195,020 points)
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Hi Rebekka,

With the latest update to Notion for iOS, build 2.5, if you are running iOS 11 or higher, you will now have the ability to use the built in document manager from Apple that is part of iOS.  This allows you to manage where you are saving files.  Unfortunately, this functionality was not available in iOS 9 or 10 so with those operating systems, we are using our own Home screen.  This functionality is being further looked at by our development team.  Please take a look at the release notes for the next update to Notion for iOS.  Unless you backed up your iPad via iTunes to a desktop computer, prior to updating, it is not possible to roll back.  Thank you for your patience.