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How do I set pitch bend to more than 2 semitones in Studio one 4?

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asked Feb 12 in Studio One 4 by chrishopwood (150 points)
IO can see the pitch bend function in the Editor, but the range is fixed to + or - 1. How do increase the range please?

regards, Chris

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answered Feb 14 by tothrec (10,680 points)
selected Feb 16 by chrishopwood
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<TLDR>Check your MIDI instrument's Pitch Bend settings</TLDR>

I pulled in Presence.  It defaults to pitch up of 2 and pitch down of 2.

I changed them to 4 and 4.

Recorded a couple notes

Pressed F2 to open the editor and clicked on the Pitch Bend tab.

I see that pitch bend for MIDI is not in terms of steps, but a range from -100 to +100 (at least how it is represented in Studio One).

That tells me that you use the *instrument's* setting to determine how much of a pitch shift +20% is.

Does that help?

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answered Feb 15 by alexleontuev (430 points)

введите MIDI данные: Сh100,0; Ch101,0​; Ch6,0...12 

(0=0 тонов; 1=0,5 тона; 2=1 тон; 3=1,5 тона и т.д. .... 12=12 полутонов). Удачи!