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Plugin Browser - Sort by Category

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asked Feb 15, 2020 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by timothyerk (710 points)
One of the only things I still miss from Pro Tools is being able to browse plugins by Category or type. For example, if I wanted to see all my reverb options in the plugin browser, I could click on a "Category" option up top under Effects -> Sort by. And there would be expandable categories there for Reverb, Delay, Saturation, Compressors, EQ, Limiters, etc. Pro Tools has had this for a long time.

To make it even sweeter, there should be a Misc category for all plugins that don't get classified correctly (lack of mfg metadata) and we could drag them into the proper folder. Maybe also be able to create categories of our own for more niche categories like Lo-Fi, channel strips, amp sims, or meters (if S1 wouldn't get that granular from the get go).

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answered Feb 16, 2020 by michaelzeta (1,060 points)
This is already an option. Studio One can list out FX plugins by "Folder" which is basically what you're describing. Plugins can be categorized in the plug-in manager.