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Noob- need connectivity advise

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asked Feb 19, 2020 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by jayseaclemons (120 points)
Brand new to the game- like extremely new.  I have the presonus audio box iTwo setup with the 4.5 studio monitors, I have an extra set of 4.5 monitors that are Bluetooth (presonus).  I have the rode caster pro board, a ********* eurolive b112d speaker, a ********* 1204usb mixer, a launchpad mini, a laptop and an iPad.  Is there a way to hook them up to where all canbeused at the same time?  I can hook it up to use one part or another but have not figured out a way to use all at the same time.  Please help- and keep in mind you are talking to a Noob when you describe how- pictures are great!

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