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Rename folders inside VST Plugins Folder - Problem

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asked Feb 21, 2020 in Studio One 4 by tillbest (120 points)
Hello everyone

i am testing this DAW for 14 days now and must say: great stuff. But today the first issue comes around

I have in VST Plugin Folder furhter folders. So eg. Full_Bucket, discoDSP and so on. Today i renamed Full_Bucket into Full_Bucket_Musik

Now all the Subfolders are not found during startup of the DAW. I only can find the syntheszizer plugins via option "manufacturer" so then they are listed as their dll file names

Before renaming i could see folders as follwos

full_bucket SubFolders the_blooo, MonoFury

After renaming i see

full_bucket_music (empty)

turn to option "manufactuerer=



What can i do? What is the problem with renaming subfolders on a Windows 64bit OS?

Thank you so much

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