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group plugins inside splitter tool

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asked May 8, 2021 in Mixing by siniablagus (2,850 points)
Ability to group inserted plugins on a channel,so that they can be bypassed together with one click...maybe this can be used together with spliter tool,so that you can bypass entire splitter section at once,and that it is shown on the channel which plugins are inside splitter (splitter folder)

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answered Jan 24, 2022 by bendawson1 (560 points)
This! Also be able to rename the splitter to show what plugins are in it. Ex. Parallel Comp, Mike's Bass Chain.
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answered Feb 24, 2022 by wcookjr (2,030 points)
edited Feb 24, 2022 by wcookjr

I might make a separate suggestion for this, but I've been thinking they could update the inserts section of the mix console to show how the splitter is affecting the inserts. I spent a few minutes editing a picture I got off of google images so I apologize for the quality, but I think it demonstrates a very basic example of what I mean better than I can explain. I'm sure the devs that actually do this for a living would do a much better job haha

Edit: found a better image to use