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help with ********* x touch

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asked Feb 3, 2016 in Studio One 3 by davidspurgeon (100 points)

 well there is going to be a LOT of people needing help with the xtouch. I have one, it works with studio one 3 on some things, others seem to be a mystery.  I managed to set up with mackie mc thru usb. from what I can find, part of my problem is studio one is not full implemented with mackie control.. not all features are active. yes, ********* should have some sort of user manual, but they dont. so here "WE" are stuck in the middle of two great products and very limited  places to find answers. can you guys help us poor fools out here with some info on what features will work.

  I have been searching the web for info, and on your end I seem to get that the mackie protocol in S 1 is not fully implemented. so some things work, some dont, and "WE" have no guide as to what does work beyond pushing the buttons until something happens.

 I love studio one... I came from pro tools and I hope you guys will step up and give the xtouch users some info on how mackie control, control link and x touch can work together.

 one real question I have is regarding the slate mix rack. when I am mapping the slate eq's  and compressors ect in the mix rack, I see that each piece has a letter ... piece one letter a..piece two b and so on. what I havent figured out in control link is how to access the different layers. so eq 1is letter a. now I add a piece in the mix rack, this is letter b, but in control link I have only one layer and I cant switch the control map to the next piece in the rack. ( I hope this makes sense). If your not following this, get an xtouch, and use it to map out to the slate mix rack and you will see the problem when you add eq, then any other insert in that rack, you only have control of the first item you programmed. clicking on the seperate  pieces doesnt change the focus in control link. I see you can have an a, b, c, d  layer, but how does control link switch to the next one.

 than you so much for the help.

david spurgeon

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answered Feb 4, 2016 by DominicB (14,390 points)
I will address your two main issues here.

Studio One does support the Mackie HUI protocol. I'm not sure what you mean by not "fully" implemented. So far as I've seen with the Mackie MCU everything works as expected. You can actually remap the Mackie parameters in Studio One for other functions if you desire. You will have to open the "External Devices" control GUI for MACKIE in Studio One to do this.

These steps assume you have already setup your device as a Mackie Control device in the "External Devices" menu of Studio One. If you have not, please choose the Mackie Control device in the External Devices list and then choose your device's midi ports as the "Send" and "Receive" options.

1. Open the Studio One mixer

2. Click the "External" tab on the left side of the mixer so that you see a list of your external devices. You should see the Mackie Control Device you setup in "External Devices."

3. Double click your device and it's GUI will open

4. Here you can Right-Click any of the Function buttons (F buttons 1 - 8) and choose "Assign Command" to reassign a Studio One function to them.

By clicking the blue parameter windows you can Control-Link the V-Pots to global functions. Or you can just move the V-Pot you like, then touch the Studio One parameter, and click the "Assign" arrow in the upper left control-link window.

So whatever you think may be missing in your devices implementation of Mackie Control, you can reassign as you see fit.


Part 2

Focus Control-Link mapping of Slate Mix Rack

In Studio One, you will have one layer of focus mode control link per plugin. The entire Mix Rack counts as a single plugin, despite having multiple modules within it. It supports 6 modules labeld A - F. In the control-link window, you can map any of the modules to your control surface. You will see in the Control-Link window that parameters will be labeled by the their letter (A - F) module assignment within the mix rack plugin. So if you run out of controls on your device to map, you will need to have multiple layers on your device to independently assign to the mix rack plugin modules.

It comes down to the Mix Rack plugin being one VST plugin with multiple modules that can be mapped within it.


Hope that helps.

I do not have the mentioned device on hand to test. I do have a Mackie Control which I know works with Studio One.
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answered May 5, 2016 by kevintribitt (520 points)
********* X Touch DOES NOT run in Mackie HUI but rather in Mackie Control MC mode in Studio One V3. It seems as if any controller with faders that you want to cascade with it must also be in Mackie Control. Case in point, I've been using a Frontier AlphaTrack which works in HUI mode with Studio One V3 but it will not allow me to go past the first bank of faders because the X Touch is only operating in MC mode. Also, the set of buttons under the display, only the Global View light is illuminated on that row of buttons. Is there something I'm missing?