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Why won’t the ********* X-32 Rack initialize with Studio One 4

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asked Sep 20 in Studio One 4 by ianabete (120 points)
I have been working with a ********* X-32 Rack and Studio One 4 with no problems for about a year now and have been successful up until now. About a week ago Studio One stopped being able to initialize the X-32 in any other mode other than 2in/2out. I’m at wits end and have done everything possible to get it working again. I’ve tried it on two deferent machines and two different DAW’s. Anyone out there have this issue before? Really need this to work again. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Windows 10 64 bit

Studio One 4.6

********* X-32 Rack 4.02

All updated drivers from *********

AMD Ryzen with Readon

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answered Oct 18 by denissurprenant (140 points)
I can't answer your question, however I can say that I'm having the same issue with Studio One 5 Professional and an X32 Rack.  It's frustrating.