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Thank you - still having problem

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asked Feb 24 in Studio One 4 by zacharykelly (140 points)

Thanks for your answer. I tried doing what you suggested - making sure I had an open song project saved - and S1 still forces my Scarlett 8i6 gen 3 back to 44.1 no matter what I do or where else I try to change it. So I get the same problem whether I try to change the sample rate from the generic startup screen or from an open, saved song project. Also, if I change the sample rate using FocusRite Control, S1 forces it back to 44.1 in either the startup screen or the open song project.

I hope I can get this resolved, otherwise I need to go back to Pro Tools where it's working fine. But I really want to work with S1.

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answered Feb 24 by terjefjelde (260 points)
Even if you change the sample rate in the Song->Song Setup->General->Sample Rate menu and click "Apply"? I'm sorry to hear that.

You mentioned that you have the latest firmware and drivers installed, but have you tried updating with the latest beta release as well? Like I said earlier, I fiddled around at the time, so it's entirely possible that this was what actually fixed my sample rate problem - it certainly solved some stability issues for me.

But it's a beta, so beware: I suppose the opposite might happen as well. Anyway, if you want to take the risk, here's the link:

Best of luck!