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Thank you Presonus Software Team for your effort!

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asked Jun 8 in Studio One 4 by Michael1985 (8,910 points)
Hello, Im using Studio One since the beginning in 2011. I have seen so much progress I cannot believe.... I suggested many things and EVERY good idea from me and other people is now reality inside Studio One and on the Forum! The Studio One team know what is good! I love the Studio One team and I love Studio One! Because they have the perfect solution with this kind of feature suggestion forum! (Best ever!)

I will never change to another DAW!

Thanks for this amazing DAW!

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answered Jul 14 by arndkaiser (1,730 points)
Thank you very much for your kind words! We'll never be able to follow every feature request but your positive feedback and the positive feedback from many other Studio One users means a lot to us, including the entire development team. Thank you!