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Be aware of the Time Lock option - it may ruin your arrangement when using Ripple edit and/or Arranger track

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asked Aug 2, 2020 in Studio One 5 by juliuscancun2013 (1,750 points)
Just a general warning - chances are that it never will happen to you, but I have gone through this several times - and still in Version 5.

My only workaround so far: I simply don't use it anymore.
This "ripple edit - arranger track" combination has ruined two of my mixes an a way that it took me more than a day to reconstruct the latest ("issue free") version of a song.

Since I did not realize that after changing the position of some "ranges" in the Arranger track not all of the events belonging to these vertical "ranges (chorus, verse etc.) had been moved (some of them were muted, so I would not have heard it anyway in this moment).

So I kept on working - and then realized (after unmuting some of them) that nothing was in sync anymore - they were all over the place and a simple undo was impossible. I did an exhaustive research and finally found that in some (but NOT all) cases events had not been moved accordingly for having the "time lock" option ticked.

But unfortunately this was not the case for all of them. Since I could not reproduce the issue entirely (sometimes it happened even with time lock NOT ticked) I ended up avoiding ripple edit and the arranger track as much as possible. And if I really have to - then I instantly tripple check the results before moving on

ok, it might sound weird and - like I said - never happen to anyone else (I haven't found any complaints about this) - so at least keep this in mind in case you will be experiencing something similar.

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